Leading Your Future Spring SHSM Sector-Partnered Experience Event




WE would like to thank the following

  • Monica and Dhruv for sharing their leadership stories and inspiring our students with what is possible, even at a young age


  • Our keynote Ray Zahab, who donated his time and shared his leadership journey and how if you challenge yourself, you can go the distance and discover the endless possibilities


  • Our Community Partners that took the time to record their stories and challenge our students to be innovative, creative and entrepreneurial to solve their real world local challenges
  • SHSM Leads & SHSM Board Leads for their continuous efforts to provide meaningful learning opportunities for students


  • Students for their attention, insight, ideas and innovations to become the leaders of the future


  • Julie Volcansek for all of the time, energy and creativity she put into developing this leadership certification, event, community partner challenges and ICE challenge


  • OCTE SHSM planning committee for all of the work put into planning and delivering this student event